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    Who We Are

    The church was founded in 2009, establishing our own place of worship in Grafton, where we introduced a church that teaches faith, hope, and love, to the Christian community, as well as offering salvation to the greater community.

    We are a Bible believing church, and our lives are based on the written Word of God, with the expression of our beliefs being ministered through the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the healing power of God and that the day of miracles is not past. The power of God is present and available to all those who believe. The Lord teaches these truths through His word and releases His power through His people by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

    Teaching at Cornerstone embraces the whole Word of God as the guide for successful living in Jesus Christ. We offer up the sacrifice of praise to the Lord and worship Him only, giving glory to His Name, that is the reason we live, to honor Him.

    What We Do

    The Senior Pastors at Cornerstone Covenant Church are Pastor’s Steven & Helen McNelis.

    Steven and Helen bring you the unconditional love of God, through pastoral care, Word based teaching, and a ministry that looks for and fosters unity throughout the Body of Christ.
    Steven and Helen believe in building on prayer.
    Prayer and the Holy Spirit’s leading are the catalyst behind this work. The prayer ministry of the church embraces the scriptural basis for prayer as a guide to a successful prayer life for all saints.
    Our Pastor’s are Members of the RMAA Rhema Ministerial Association of Australia based in Queensland, Australia.

    It has been a journey of faith.

    When the time comes you can only follow.

    The journey so far has been the learning curve of our lives. Maybe you don't want to hear a Pastor say. "we are learning", but every new journey that has never been taken before will always be a learning time. We have been building a church or a family of christian people that can stand on their own two feet in a strong realtionship with the Lord. Starting with $70.00 and group of nine people we stepped into our future together. We have grown into a family of people that can worship the Lord in unity and love. The whole story is a long tale of God's sweet compassion and care. It is also too much to put into words here and now. But if you ever want to hear more you can talk to us about it all when you visit the church . We hope to see you soon...God Bless

    ACNC Registered Charity Tick smallCornerstone Covenant Church is a
    registered Advancing Religion Charity


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    Cornerstone Covenant Church Pastors
    are members of
    The Rhema Ministerial Association
    of Australia

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